Outstanding Health Benefits Using Wu-Yi Tea

For almost five centuries, countless Asian individuals have relied upon the numerous health benefits and medicinal qualities of wu-yi tea.

In producing wu-yi tea a very involved fermenting procedure is required. Due to this detailed process, the tea becomes very similar to a fine wine in that it has a distinctive flavor, and will also vary in aroma and fullness. Much like coffee with it's rich robust flavor, this tea has been touted as a natural, safe answer to losing weight.

Wu-Yi Tea - Natural Fat Burning Qualities

Wu-Yi Tea contains a substance called polyphenol which is also found in green and black teas, but in a lower concentration. Polyphenol stimulates a biological process called lipolysis, which simply means the break down of fat cells. The polyphenol causes this by activating certain enzymes that work to dissolve triglycerides (fats) in the body, which in turn, raises the resting metabolic rate actually making it easier to lose weight and control excess pounds.

According to case studies regarding the tea and its fat burning properties, participants were able to lose an average of 10 to 15 pounds of weight by drinking three to four cups of wu-yi per day. Naturally, depending upon the type of food eaten and how much, as well as physical activity involved, will determine the actual amount of weight one can lose. Interestingly enough, results continue to show the ability to speed up weight loss when wu-yi tea is drank on a regular basis.

In one particular study conducted over six weeks, three groups of 120 Japanese women drank either water, green tea, or wu-yi tea with their meals. At the end of the study, the women who drank wu-yi reportedly enhanced their energy expenditure, or raised their metabolism, by as much as 10%, whereas the green tea group increased their expenditure by only 4%. The group who drank water experienced no increase at all.

Wu-yi tea is most effective for burning fat in its natural form, without any unnecessary ingredients or additives, as the natural components of the tea itself are all that's needed to reap the benefits.

Other Health Benefits of Wu-Yi Tea

Besides naturally burning fat, speeding up metabolism and aiding with weight loss, wu-yi tea also provides many other valuable health gains that have been clinically researched and documented. While protecting the body's cells from certain types of cancer, the tea has also been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack, protect the teeth from plaque and decay, and strengthen bones.

With wu-yi tea dating back through many ancient Chinese cultures over several hundred centuries, the positive health benefits are hard to dispute. More and more people have recognized the relationship between weight loss, good health, and drinking wu-yi tea.